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About Sage Creek Solutions

Stories hold incredible power.

We've all got a story, and if your organization has goals, challenges or plans for growth it's pretty important that you understand and communicate your story effectively.    

Our story began in 2009 when Adam Pimley founded Sage Creek Solutions to offer his communications and strategic positioning expertise to clients with which he shares values.

We offer premium communications services that help our clients clarify, plan and effectively tell their story.  Our clients have included Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations and independent authors.  

We can help you too, so get in touch.

Communication is everything

We specialize in creating opportunity and solving problems through the strategic and effective use of communications. 

But what does that mean?  

Effective communication doesn't start with you.  It starts with your audience and depends upon how they hear what you have to say.  

That's where we come in.  

Your communications strategy needs to be carefully crafted and executed, looked at from many angles and managed in a fluid way that reflects changing conditions.  

We've helped others - we can help you too.

Featured Project: Talking to Farmers about Climate Change


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